Why did the chicken cross the road?

(Because it's a dumbass)


Q: What is this supposed to be?

An attempt.

Q: Why is it so simple?

I procrastinated until the last minute, like a dumbass.

Q: The background doesn't loop perfectly.

Refer to question 1.


hELLO This is my submission for the #LOWRESJAM2020. I used the theme 'always moving' (decided by a random generator).

I was inspired by Subway Surfers for this one.

I plan to add levels and maybe work on some games revolving Dumbass Chicken in the future.

This'll have to do for now tho.

Hopefully you all enjoy!


  • pixel art -- everything except the motorcycle is by me. I ripped the motorcycle off stockimages (with minor modifications, of course).
  • music -- Off Limits (https://www.dl-sounds.com/royalty-free/off-limits/)
  • SFX --
    • chicken : youtube
    • motorcycle : I slapped my table
  • I used Piskel to make the pixel art.

  • (it is 4 am where I live I require rest before I update this page)


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Nice idea for the game. What is the purpose of a fly agaric? I liked that when the chicken gets armor. -oneak

Thanks! It's supposed to be like the invincibility star from mario, so it makes you rainbowy and invincible to all 'enemies' for a short period of time.

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Cool! Very nice job! -oneak